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Drag and drop your floorplans, elevations and siteplan in PDF, JPEG, DWG or DXF format

Understanding a set of architectural blue prints can be daunting for many people.

Virtual Model

Better understand your building project, better communicate your project to prospective clients.

A single storey house (up to 250 sqm) modeled with choice of colour/materials externally. Simple indicative landscaping and backgrounds where applicable.

ICS will supply 2 images in a format suitable for use on www.Real-Estate.com.au or other website


Additional floors/splitlevels/mezzanines add $99.00 per floor. Internal Layout $95.00 per floor

Customer must supply correctly scaled, accurate elevations, siteplan and floorplans free of distortions in either PDF, JPEG, DXF or DWG formats

If other featured require modeling such as landscaping plans, boundaries, accesses, civic infrastructure, views, neighbouring properties or other requirements please discuss your needs with us.

Virtual Models will be created with default colour/material schemes unless specified

All prices quoted in Australian Dollars inclusive of GST

Understanding a set of architectural blue prints can be daunting for many people.

Shadow Simulations

A PDF Document suitable for presentation to most councils and planning authorities containing shadow images of your proposed development on a range of dates and times.

A single storey house showing a shadow simulation at 9am, 12pm and 3pm on June 21 (winter) presented in document format suitable for printing


A land survey and/or site-plan may also be required.

For impact on neighbouring properties additional height information will be required.

A shadow simulation can also be created from a Virtual Model for $75 per house.

All prices quoted in Australian Dollars inclusive of GST

Simulate shadows across your property development

External Images and Internal Layout Document

A Powerful advertising document to show prospective buyers your proposed development.

A single-sided PDF document containing an image of the external view of your development and A top-down view of the internal layout of your development.

Information included on the document: Your Logo, Property Title, Your Contact Details, Property Cost Range, Features of the Development in bullet points (usually around a dozen points)and disclaimers.


All logos and text for publication must be provided by the customer at time of order

Price does not include creation of the Virtual Model.


Customer may supply their own Visualisation images for publication

Development may be up to two storeys.

All prices quoted are in Australian Dollars inclusive of GST.

Upload to realestate.com.au or create brohures for your advertising campaign

General Project Modeling and Visualisation Services

Utilising the ViewBuild real-time 3D Visualisation tool ICS can provide your drawings or plans into editable virtual models.

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